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M.A.C Shipping Corp. founded in 1989, has been delivering outstanding service to our clients worldwide. Since our start we have delivered reliable service week after week. Our staff is experienced and professional and we are able to transport client’s goods faster and more economically than our large conglomerate competitors.

Our service is:

  • Consistent

  • Reliable

  • Economical

  • Fast


New York

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M.A.C. Shipping has experienced tremendous growth over the years having accomplished this by delivering extraordinary service to our existing clients.

M.A.C. Shipping focuses on International Freight Forwarding from the Far East and Western Europe. We are also here to be your Custom House Broker with all your import needs. Whether your dealing with our office in Queens N.Y. or Hong Kong, M.A.C. Shippingwill make sure to make your import process as quick as possible.

M.A.C. Shipping Corp works under the “Terms & Conditions of Service” as described by the National Custom House Brokers and Forwarders Assoc.

We have so much to offer our clients and we extend the opportunity to you to find out for yourself how M.A.C. Shipping Corp can better suit your shipping needs. Give us a call today!

Our staff is reliable and ready to take on your shipping needs.

M.A.C.’s concentration is on all of Europe and the Far East. Please call us if you have freight in these regions.